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Towerstream 100Mbps for $699 per month

Offer Valid with One-Year Contract in On-Network Buildings only No taxes, no fees, no local loop charges!
Why settle for T1 or DS3/T3 speeds when you can get more for less? Towerstream's dedicated Internet access is the best value in the industry, with 100 Mbps of symmetrical Internet connectivity for only $699/month with a one-year contract in qualified On-Net locations. Call today to find out if your location is a qualified On-Network building.

Does My Building Location Qualify?

Qualification for the Towerstream On-Net Advantage program is based on the following criteria:
  • 50,000 square foot or greater building
  • Building has 6 or more active business tenants
  • Ability to offer us Roof Top access to the building
  • The building must have a common-use equipment closet
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