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Anza Electrical CoOperative Connections

Anza Electric Cooperative Inc. a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative

Anza Electric Co-op Connections Program

Anza Electric Cooperative members which present their valid
Co-op Connections Card to PC Networking will save BIG.

Whenever a Co-op Connections cardholder - whether from AEC or from one of the hundreds of Touchstone Energy co-ops across the country - shows the Co-op Connections card at a participating business, they receive a discount. Equally, those businesses benefit from increased customer visits by co-op members.

Save $20 on your Trip Rate charge.

Save $5 per *hour on Labor Fees

Specifics of The Offer
1) Save $20 off of our published Trip Rate which is set according to range and area(s) which PC Networking serves. Applies to each individual service event
2) Save $5 per hour, offer good for the first two hours ($10 total Labor Fee savings per service event), after that point the hourly Labor Fee increases to our normal published rates.
3) Any offers made by PC Networking whether they be: virtual, print, physical or word-of-mouth; are void if attempted to by utilized in conjunction with this offer. No exceptions.
Term of Time
This offer is evergreen by nature and is self renewing therefore Program Offer expiration is not an issue.
Frequency of Redemption There are no limitations as to how many times you may redeem this offer from PC Networking VIA the Anza Electric Co-Op Connections Program.
Call PC Networking out for any of our wide variety of technology related services. Then, upon payment present your valid Anza Electric Cooperative Co-op Connections Card to redeem the above advertised discounts.
PC Networking reserves the right to amend or make changes to this offer as required from time to time, without prior notice, or advance announcements. It is your responsibility to check these terms prior to each redemption as a good practice.

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