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Customer Reviews

Julia M. Janefield of Riverside, Ca
Customer Rating:
June 18, 2014

I contacted PC Networking because I got sick of my grand children always teasing me how their other grandmother's home has no wireless network. Thank you Pat for setting up a wireless network inside of my home - I must say, I have found satisfaction in having my own wireless network.

Marcus & Leenah Ohln of Aguanga, Ca
Customer Rating:
March 15, 2014

Pat, Leenah and I wanted to thank you so much for your time that you spent with myself on the phone the other day, I can't believe that you helped me to fix my problem while we spoke on the phone when I originally called to ask you to come to our home to solve our sound issue, you told me how to unmute it!. I just didn't expect anyone to be so helpful. We aren't computer people by nature which makes the simplest of issue seem a bit overwhelming and we sincerely appreciate your honesty and commitment.
Thanks Pat

Stephan W of San Clemente, Ca
Customer Rating:
Feb 16, 2013

I am a horse breeder based in San Clemente California. I have been wanting to provide my clients with the ability to log into a camera system which serves each individual clients animal under my facilities care. I wasted too much time having companies come out to my facility all giving me quotes of a wide range and some of the other guys I spoke with didn't seem to be giving me the whole picture, with that I decided to do some more researching into service providers and in doing so I encountered PC Networking! This guy right away knew what I wanted and what was required to make it happen- I like that in anyone doing business!

That Friday Pat came out to my facility and he went over my requirements and then determined my hardware needs, and something I never thought of, a fast enough Internet connection that featured a backup. Pat designed my system and worked with two different local providers to have connectivity brought into my facility which he tied into one router that created automatic failure backup for our Internet connection. Pat installed 5MP HDTV color IP cameras with night vision and microphones into each stall and setup all of this great equipment to tie into our network in the structure. This system absolutely provided the finishing touch Pat, my clients love what I have invested in and I love PC Networking!

Marco G of Aguanga , Ca
Customer Rating:
Jan 8, 2013

There I was with my cup of coffee in hand ready to sit down and fire up the computer.... only my computer did nothing when I pushed the power button! I called around and couldn't find anyone that would come out to take a look at my computer that day though. I remembered then that I had grabbed a business card for computer repair from the bill board at the Cahuilla Market in Anza. Anyhow, PC Networking came out to my place that afternoon and Pat asked a few questions and then began testing the power cable and that power was present. It turned up that my computers motherboard was the culprit. I went to Fry's and bought a new mother board and Pat returned the following day to install the new parts into my computer. Pat did a great job! I will refer my friends and neighbors to PC Networking.
Thank you Marco G.

Jan M of Temecula , Ca
Customer Rating:
Jan 2, 2013

We called PC Networking originally because one of our computers stopped running certain programs that used to work just fine. Pat Taylor came to our home on time and determined that we only had a user profile corruption, I was back in front of my computer and all of my programs work! I would strongly suggest using Pat Taylor and PC Networking to any friends or neighbors, our problem was solved within an hour and a half, best yet the entire service only cost me $85, my husband is happy because I saved money and I am happy because my computer is working again and I don't have to wait to use my husbands computer either.. YAAAAY! PC Networking rocks!

William A of Anza, Ca
Customer Rating:
Dec 18, 2012

My small home office wasn't humming along so well this week so I called PC Networking and asked for their help. Pat arrived within a couple hours. My office girls were getting pretty impatient with not being able to get anything done for the day, so I let them go to lunch as Pat suggested and he ran some tests on my computers and printers and he found that one of our network switches was the reason for the off and on my office girls complained of that morning.
I pulled another switch out of the hall closet and asked Pat if it would work? He installed it and viola everything worked excellent!
I did also have to replace a few Ethernet cables at Pat's suggestion but I am overall very pleased with the service that PC Networking brings to small business people in these remote areas.
Pat, you can bet I will refer your services to others and I will call you again I am sure.

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