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Wireless Networking for Business

Wireless Networking to Serve Your Business Better

Wireless networking is used in over 98% of all business networks to enable
mission critical hardware and staff to complete their tasks efficiently.

  • PC Networking Understand Wireless
PC Networking understands what is required to build a properly functioning wireless network as a
result of nearly a decade of training and working with equipment solutions which deliver!.

Give me a call today and I will be happy to meet with you and get your project moving onto completion.

PC Networking works for you to deliver a network system that delivers performance and functionality to enable you to get more business done each day in a trouble-free manner.

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  • Wireless Networking Benefits

Network topography An overview is created and utilized during the design process to build efficiency into the network.

Ultra low footprint hardware will be used throughout your system, utilizing minimally intrusive system components which equates to greater personal safety.

QoS Quality of Service is configured into our WLAN builds to assure that all users of the overall network are not potentially negatively impacted due to resource over-stripping to any one user/user-group.

All Platform Compatibility We utilize top name vendors when building your system which ensures that no special software or additional user configuration is required for yourself or guests within your business requiring to connect wireless-ly. Likewise, Mac users will be pleased with the ease of connection.

Wireless Security PC Networking defines and configures extreme security profiles to protect the wireless layer responsible for exchanging your business data to keep unwanted intruders out!

User Based Authentication Access to the business wireless 802.11 network will feature an added layer of security which exerts greater control over access parameters.
In addition we provide guest accounts to access is quick and easy to new guests without added configuration to your wireless network controller.

Wireless n Most of today's high throughput systems are utilizing the 802.11n band, this is a highly robust configuration which generally consists of multi-band access point(s)

Ultra low investment is required while affording outstanding reliability, performance and RoI at a shorter time-span when compared to other WLAN hardware investments potentially costing you 3 times as much up front.

No ongoing WLAN licensing unlike some proprietary entropies grade WLAN systems the system I build for your company will require no ongoing software or licensing fees to any manufacturers or agencies what-so-ever.

LAN Integration your wireless network into a new or existing LAN network is easy, creating a seamless extension within and beyond your original network topography.

IP CCTV A properly designed and equipped business network can provide exceptional performance and flexibility to be taken advantage of throughout your IP CCTV camera installation topography.

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