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Networking for Business

High Through-Put Ethernet Network Service

New construction, existing construction design and installation service.

  • Why Use PC Networking
PC Networking delivers high quality design and construction services to it's clients without compromise so you can be assured that you are getting the best possible service!

WAN Integration PC Networking includes WAN integration with our service offerings, so you are covered by one provider.

WAN Link Diversity Using link diversity assures that your business connection is reliable!.

Service within *60 minutes to most clients within our immediate service area.

Give me a call to get your project off the ground and onto completion today.

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  • Business Network Features
  You place great demands upon your business network every day, and you can't afford to take chances not having a reliable network and a support partner which understands your business needs.

CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 Copper Based networks are capable of delivering efficient system resource delivery without bottle-necks and dropped packets with the proper design to hardware factor.

Delivering potential 1Ghz transfer capacity throughout your network may be achieved in optimum network/hardware conditions (not all networks and there connected hardware are or will be capable of achieving 1Ghz transfer rates).

Network Segmentation is key to performance in larger networks, and even in some cases of smaller, high traffic volume networks segmentation assures that the network will be able to handle normal data flow in addition to extreme high volume data exchange time-frame periods.

IP CCTV Integration of your office IP camera system enables greater flexibility in infrastructure and deployment time of additional camera sites.

Web Server More and more small business are opting to own and operate their own web server as you can enforce greater control over the user experience in addition to having ultimate control over your website hosting daemon.

email Server In addition once you have opted to bring your web hosting under roof, your company now has the ability to operate a corporate email server once again adding to flexibility and control with respect to email system management.

Firewall To enhance overall security fire walling can be achieved at the core router within the business network to add security against un authorized access and malicious attacks which could inflict great damage to your company

Wireless Integration is a huge part of business networks today, this technology enables connectivity, security and high speed data exchange to sometimes hard to wire sites which require full network access.

Long Distance Wireless Serves business by allowing remote wireless access to files which are off-site in a second office site located across town?

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