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Long Distance Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless

Multi-Point Connectivity

Point-to-Multi-Point wireless solutions provide connectivity to remote locations, generally sites which
are within city limits for example can enjoy great reliability and lower
cost of construction compared to other traditional solutions.

Your PtMP Network is Our Priority

PC Networking delivers high quality design and construction services to it's clients without compromise so you can be assured that you are getting the best possible service!

Structures may vary depending on the site and its requirement(s), variances from traditional tower construction to guyed mono-pole or building mounted equipment deployments. We define the options available to you according to the individual site.

Each remote site will be connected VIA the Multi-Point wireless connectivity hardware providing services and connectivity to your core site.

Give us a call today, we are ready to take your project from concept to functionality.

Text or Call 951-551-5980!

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PtMP Frequencies & Security

PC Networking performs ISM frequency surveys in addition to engineering link budget(s) which in-turn provides us with valuable data that is then utilized to design the best fit possible for each client system build.

Encryption in each system assures that your data remains safe and un-tainted.
PC Networking provides licensing support to its clients throughout the entire construction process as required.
Our hardware partners provide us with outstanding hardware which allows us to design extremely robust systems which deliver high throughput in addition to high reliability coupled with a low investment cost and an accelerated RoI due to the lower up-front hardware and system investment.

ISM Frequencies include 700Mhz, 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, 24Ghz, 61Ghz 122Ghz and 244Ghz, likewise FCC Licensed frequencies include 24Ghz & 18Ghz and more depending on the application and requirement

Customer education and ongoing support are key to our success, your satisfaction is our reward and commitment to excellence and integrity.