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Computer Support and Repair for Business

  • Office SoHo & Commercial
Computer Service that fits your business computer & technology needs.

Business Networking ranging from LANWLAN based Networking.

Safe and Secure with Integrity Your company information is never exchanged with ANY outside parties!
Computer service and software support, printer installation, troubleshooting and more from PC Networking

You will be notified of my ETA upon schedule completion VIA telephone.
  • IP and Analog CCTV Camera system design & installation
  • Remote Solar Power system solutions
  • WAN Data line build management
  • Business Cross-Town Network Extension
  • Internet Gateway connectivity redundancy systems
  • UNIX custom web-server systems
  • UNIX e-Mail server systems
  • FreeRadius AAA server servers
  • SQUID HTTP Proxy web caching server
  • Business wireless connectivity solutions
  • System furniture assembly and installation
  • (NAS) Network Area Storage system design and deployment

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Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

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